At Peak 7 Properties, we provide the services and solutions for everything you need around your home. Whatever your house needs, we're the one call you need to make.


We work with clients to provide them solutions that save them time and hassle. We call it concierge level service because we seek to add value to your life by being responsive to your home needs and treating your home with the utmost care. Your time is important —too important to spend it all on maintaining your home.

We take the work out of maintaining your home, so you can spend more time enjoying it and the people in it.

how it works

We work with you to customize a services plan that is tailor fit to your personal home, based on your needs and wants. We build all of your services into one yearly plan, so you have one simple monthly payment. And if there is ever something you need outside of your planned services, we'll take care of that too.

No more having to find a different service provider every time you need something done. No more having to juggle maintenance bills from several different providers.

With Peak 7 Properties, we take care of everything your home needs and you get one simple bill for everything.

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